Jacob Smith Announces Bid for Golden Mayor

March 29, 2007

Dear Neighbor,

Today I am excited to officially announce my candidacy for a four-year term as Golden’s Mayor.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to meet many of you through my work with the Historic Preservation Board, as a City Councilor, and as a neighbor.  I’m looking forward to sharing my vision for Golden with you as a candidate for Mayor.

Ensuring a strong economy while protecting our small town and historic character is and will continue to be a top priority for me.  Growth will happen, and our biggest challenge is to chart our own course rather than simply letting that growth happen to us.

During my time on City Council, I’ve been a leader in the fight for responsible transportation solutions and keeping the superhighway out of Golden.

Delivering concrete results is important to me.  I helped secure $430,000 in federal funding to construct a bike and pedestrian path that will connect the southern part of Golden with the rest of the community.  I have also supported neighborhood planning, televised city council meetings, formally recognizing important historic buildings, and creating an historic preservation fund for the city.

Providing leadership is also important.  Building on my successful efforts to improve energy efficiency in the city, I also launched the Golden Sustainability Initiative that has become a thriving community initiative with more than 200 participants at its February community forum and more than 80 active working group members.  The Golden Sustainability Initiative is especially exciting to me because it is a genuine community initiative about the future of our city.

My Campaign Committee is comprised of small business owners, professionals, retired folks, and others, and includes citizens from every ward in Golden.  I invite you to join them in endorsing my bid for Mayor.  To add your name to my list of supporters or to find out more about my vision for Golden, please contact me at jacobzsmith@gmail.com.

I look forward to keeping you updated on my work representing you on our city council and on the key issues facing our community, and I look forward to the many important conversations about the future of Golden.


Jacob Smith

Smith for Golden
Leadership.  Results.

Smith For Golden Campaign Committee:  Povy Kendal Atchison and Lloyd Athearn, Tom and Alice Atkins, Frederick and Annette Barta, Casey and Gina Brown, Wanda and Elliot Brown, Saoirse Charis-Graves, Preston Driggers, Jeff Goldenloo, Carole Hickam, Roger Mattson, Sean McVay, Leslie and Josh Pollock, Fred and Karen Setzer, Vera Smith, Dave Wann


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