Sustainability Initiative Working Groups Meet Wednesday

The first meeting of all the Golden Sustainability Initiative Community Working Groups is this Wednesday evening (March 21) from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Golden Community Center, 1470 10th St.  If you signed up for one or more of the working groups, you should have already received details about the meeting.  If you haven’t, and you want to volunteer on one, contact Mark Heller ASAP (

We have one community working group for each of the six proposed goals (on renewable energy/energy efficiency, water, transportation, economic opportunities, recycling, and green building) and one on education.  The working groups will carefully evaluate the proposed goals for that specific area and make recommendations to council about how to adjust them, if at all, and about what the city and community action plans should look like.  After the community working groups have finished their work and made their recommendations, city council will formally adopt goals and some sort of action plan for the remainder of 2007 and for next year (before we begin the 2008 budgeting process).

Also, in case you didn’t see it, the Golden Transcript ran my guest editorial on the Golden Sustainability Initiative in this week’s issue.  I don’t see it up on the web site yet, but as soon as I do I’ll post the URL.

See you on Wednesday evening!


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