Golden’s Community Survey

I’ve been on a bit of a blog and email hiatus but the year is off and I’m back. The City of Golden periodically conducts a community survey, hiring an independent consultant to ask a random sample of citizens questions about the city and local government. We just received the results from the survey we conducted late last year and they are interesting and gratifying. The biggest story, I think, is that Golden residents remain overwhelmingly satisfied with the overall direction the City is taking. Eighty-nine percent agreed (both somewhat and strongly) while only fourteen percent disagreed. Some other highlights:

  • A large majority (17% strongly and 47% somewhat) said that the Golden city council shares their vision of Golden.
  • City staff received extremely high marks (e.g., nearly ninety-percent gave an overall impression of good, very good, or excellent based on their most recent contact with a city employee).
  • Both Channel 8 and the Golden Chamber of Commerce ranked pretty high as sources of local information while the Golden Informer (the city’s newsletter) ranked extremely high. The Golden Transcript (our local newspaper), interestingly, saw a significant drop in the number of people who rely on it as a source.

I think surveys are inherently pretty limited in their value, so I don’t think a survey every couple of years tells us the entire story, but it’s still pretty useful and the results are encouraging.

You can download the entire community survey results as part of next week’s city council packet (8.7 MB, beginning on p. 15).


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