The Holiday Blizzard of 2006

Rick Gardner wrote a nice post on his Golden history listserve comparing last week’s storm to storms of Golden’s past. I inserted it below for those of you that haven’t yet seen it.

Also, I received quite a few emails and verbal comments about our snow removal efforts in the city and want to echo those here: as far as I can tell, city staff did a fantastic job of quickly and efficiency removing snow and making the roads safe across the community. The high-profile problems that Denver and other communities faced further highlight how solid our own efforts were. I know there were a few problems here and there – there is always room for improvement – but on the whole they really nailed it. And of course if you know of any problems please let me know so staff can figure out how to better deal with them next time.

Huge kudos to the snow removal crews.

I write this, of course, as tonight’s storm is doing its thing.  I’m confident our snow removal crews will do a bomber job again.

Rick’s Musings on the Blizzard of 2006:

By now I trust many of you out there, as am I, am digging out from our
latest historic snowstorm, the Blizzard of 2006! This time around finds
me personally sealed up at home, faced with some 2 feet in the driveway
while half the family is elsewhere including out of state in much balmier
Texas. From time to time I have rifled through Internet websites to gain
a reliable report on what Golden’s snowfall total is, to compare to our
historic storms of the past. I suppose I am the more or less official
compiler of these reports through time, which somewhat reliably covers
the years of this valley from 1858-today. I am not certain if my
research has been complete enough to cover all the great snowstorms
(there are storms in 1946, 1959 and some others I’d like to check out),
but it’s a pretty good record of our largest snowstorms nevertheless.
I am quite well sure the blizzards of 1913 and 2003 are for certain our
top two storms on record, and 1885 with the top 24-hour snowfall.
So far preliminary report has Golden at 34.5 inches, recorded from
3 miles southwest of Golden, a number not out of line with our
surrounding communities, but I am striving to find a report for Golden
itself. You can compare 2006 here with our historic snowstorms on record:

December 4-5, 1913 – 60 inches
March 18-19, 2003 – 50.5 inches
April 22-23, 1885 – 36 inches
December 24, 1982 – 34 inches
November 27, 1983 – 25 inches
December 24-25, 1891 – 15 inches
November 18-19, 1930 – 14 inches
October 24-25, 1997 – 14 inches

Largest 24-hour timespan snowfalls:

April 22-23, 1885 – 36 inches
December 24, 1982 – 34 inches
November 27, 1983 – 25 inches


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