Cities for Climate Protection Campaign

On Thursday night city council approved a proposal to join the ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability program.  We joined several hundred other cities around the country in the program, including Denver, Ft. Collins, and several others in Colorado).  Their Cities for Climate Protection Campaign makes available some resources that I think we’ll find helpful in our own Golden Sustainability Initiative, including access to their emissions analysis software and other sorts of technical assistance.  Our commitment through this program is pretty straightforward:  a) conduct a greenhouse gas inventory and forecast; b) establish a greenhouse gas emissions reduction target; c) develop an action plan; and d) implement the plan and monitor our results.  This will all tie in nicely to our broader Golden Sustainability Initiative process and goals.

Along these lines, also know that I’ve been working with staff and others to figure out what the community process is going to look like so that we make sure it’s both useful and productive.  I’m hoping to have that ironed out by the end of the year so we can stay on track with our plan for the community process early in 2007 (probably February).


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