Northwest Parkway in the News

In case you didn’t notice, there was a lot of newsprint over the last several days on the Northwest Parkway and its continued struggle to remain solvent, including a good letter to the editor by Rob Medina in today’s Denver Post:

Denver Post – August 29, 2006: Investors explore leasing NW Parkway.

Denver Post – August 29, 2006: Troubled parkway looks to sell.

Denver Post editorial – August 29, 2006: Lease plan may aid Northwest Parkway.

Rocky Mountain News – August 29, 2006: Money-losing toll road seeks partner.

Rocky Mountain News – August 29, 2006: Northwest toll road seeks private operator.

Denver Post – August 30, 2006: Northwest Parkway for lease.

Rocky Mountain News – August 30, 2006: Debt figure doesn’t count millions in interest.

Rocky Mountain News – August 30, 2006: Toll road looks for debt help.

Rocky Mountain News – August 30, 2006: Blake: Bailing out NW Parkway.

Rocky Mountain News editorial – September 2, 2006: Parkway in a bind.

Denver Post – September 5, 2006: Letters to the Editor.


2 Responses to “Northwest Parkway in the News”

  1. Rusty Shackleford Says:

    On a related note, the AP is reporting that President Bush will nominate former Federal Highway Administration head Mary Peters as Secretary of Transportation. As the AP notes…

    “Peters is an advocate of user fees, or tolls, for building new highways. In a recent interview, she said that the federal highway program will run out of money by decade’s end without substantial changes and, rather than raise taxes, some states are turning to toll roads already to fill gaps.”

    It’s tragic enough that reliance on tolls to build new highways has become Colorado state policy, lets hope it doesn’t become national policy as well.

  2. goldenvoices Says:

    Thanks for pointing out the AP story. Tolled lanes do seem to make sense in very particular circumstances, but it’s become the reflexive rage now among highway-building-boosters without much regard to when and where they work. It’s hard to have a thoughtful discussion when half the room is filled with people who think tolling is the silver bullet to all their transportation needs.

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