Golden’s Trees

Dave High, the city’s Forester, told me back in February that we’ve averaged about 155 trees planted per year over the past four years, including trees planted along streets, on public lands like parks, and by contractors hired for special projects.  Since we only remove an estimated 23 trees per year, we are doing really well.  Trees provide shade, they reduce air temperature and reduce energy costs (keeping nearby buildings cooler in the summer), and they improve air quality.  It’s also just nice for have lots of trees throughout the community.

Rod Tarullo, our Parks and Rec Director, compiled a list of some of our tree-planting efforts in Golden that I thought I’d share with you:

  • We have been Tree City USA since 1990.
  • We attend to replace all trees that for whatever reason had to be removed in parks and along streets.
  • Our annual Capital Improvement Budget for trees is approximately $20,000.
  • We have planted many donated trees that are designed to eventually replace the large old cottonwoods (such as in Parfet and Lions).
  • We use budgeted dollars and donations to increase the tree canopy in the cemetery and make potential burial sites more attractive.
  • We have planted hundreds of trees on medians, islands and curbsides along N. Ford  St., S Golden Rd., Earl Johnson Rd., 19th St., Illinois St. and downtown in beautification and traffic calming projects.
  • We have instituted an employee memorial tree planting program.
  • We conduct the annual small tree sale to encourage area residents to plant trees on their properties.  This program has added 1861 new trees on private property in Golden over the last 5 years.
  • We use Forestry division funds to transplant many larger trees onto public lands as well as the use of the City of Golden-owned tree spade to transplant many smaller trees from our nursery at the cemetery and numerous donated trees.
  • We conduct an Arbor Day ceremony held annually to encourage youth to value the trees in their environment.
  • Prior to Mayor Hickenloper’s announcement about increasing tree plantings, our own City Manager Mr. Bestor asked us to prepare information for the 2007 budget that would give costs and numbers to significantly increase tree plantings in 2007-08.  These figures will be submitted with our budget information for review and consideration.

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