Mountain Ridge Berm Update

This is an update on the berm from Public Works Director Dan Hartman.  The info is from a few weeks back – I haven’t had a chance to post it – but I think it’s all still accurate.  Dan reports that the new berm was hydromulched about two months ago and seeded with native grasses and wild flowers.  Because CDOT cut off additional truck access (because the route crossed CDOT’s right of way) we haven’t been able to bring in any additional dirt.


5 Responses to “Mountain Ridge Berm Update”

  1. Puzzled Says:

    What gives? This post certainly has more questions than it does information. Did our beloved friends at CDOT cut off access because they opposed the berm? Did they explain why? What justification is there for CDOT to close a public right of way to one who would access private land? How come it took weeks, even months, for us to find out about this new, curious conduct of CDOT?

  2. Dean Says:

    What is up with CDOT? Another question…in the past there has been some discussion of the berm being extended to the south, along the park. Any updates on this?

  3. Jacob Smith Says:

    The long term plan is to do more permanent noise mitigation work along Highway 93, but the City took advantage of the free dirt coming off the nearby construction site to add to the existing berm. Staff is supposed to provide Council with a list of priorities for noise mitigation, at which point we’ll have a better idea of their thinking on timing.

    I believe CDOT intervened when they realized we were working on the berm, since improved noise mitigation along Highway 93 is yet another impediment to their plans for a 6-8 lane superhighway through Golden. I mentioned this to a number of people who asked about the berm but don’t think I wrote anything formal about it. It’s pretty much the norm for CDOT: the concerns and needs of local communities are basically irrelevant when they conflict with CDOT’s primary goal of building new highways and new highway lanes everywhere they possibly can.

  4. Rusty Shackleford Says:

    Speaking of CDOT being twits, have any of the gubernatorial candidates stated if/how they would manage the agency differently or better? Is it typical in Colorado for the CDOT Executive Director to be replaced with a new administration? Just wondering what we can expect from them in coming years.

  5. goldenvoices Says:

    The city asked both candidates some questions about transportation and specifically the beltway. I’ll post the answers to those questions later today. It’s not exactly what you are asking but it’s in the ballpark. I don’t know what exactly they’ve said about CDOT specifically, but it is typical for a new governor to replace top posts (like the CDOT director) as part of a new administration.

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