A New Bike and Pedestrian Path for Golden

Every year the Denver Regional Council of Governments formally adopts a list of priority transportation projects. This list, known as the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), is critical because – for the most part – these are the projects that will get built with state and federal funding.

I’m really pleased to report that the 2007-2012 TIP includes $430,000 for a bike and pedestrian path at the south end of town along I-70. The new trail will create a long-overdue connection to the rest of town.

The decision basically had to do with how much of the available funding we would allocate to alternative transportation projects (bikes, buses, etc.). I and several of my colleagues on the Council of Governments Board of Directors (all elected representative from Denver region local governments) argued for making sure that alternative transportation received a reasonable share of the total dollars. We succeeded, and as a result Golden’s project, as well as a number of other good bike, pedestrian, and transit projects, is on the list.

In addition to creating an important bike and pedestrian connection between the very southern end of Golden and the rest of the community, the project is also a good one because we’ll work closely with Lakewood and Jefferson County to make it happen. I think it’s a good think any time neighboring local governments cooperate on projects that benefit everyone.

Our staff is estimating that we will begin construction in 2008.


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