Biking to Denver

Thanks to everyone for the route suggestions. I ended up taking 32nd to Youngfield and then missed the turn to head down to 26th or 20th so rode in on 44th (to Lowell, 32nd, and Speer). Not the best route – lots of potholes and no shoulder – but it worked fine. It was fun, as well, and you notice all sorts of things you don’t notice in the car or on the bus, like the hills and the creeks and the kids playing in the tiny little corner parks.

Before leaving town I stopped by Higher Grounds and Peak Cycles. Both were buzzing with free coffee and snacks and free tuneups by the Peak Cycles mechanic.

The Denver Regional Council of Governments, which sponsors Bike to Work Day, estimates that 20,500 bicycle commuters participated, nearly a 10% increase over last year. Some of their other statistics:

  • 691 companies participated in Bike to Work Day by offering information and assistance about the event at their workplaces.
  • 114 breakfast stations around the region offered bicycle commuters energy-boosting snacks (and coffee!) before heading into work.
  • The average bike commute was 9.95 miles one-way (I think mine ended up being about 17).
  • The bicycle commuters who participated reduced the vehicle miles traveled in the region by a total of 132,600 miles (I would love to see that number converted into pounds of carbon dioxide emissions or the amount of other pollutants that we avoided releasing into our air).

I think the main point of the event is to make it easy for folks who don’t normally bicycle commute to try it see how well it works. I don’t think I can bike all the way in very often (it took me an hour to get there) but it certainly made me think I can at least bike instead of drive to the Ward Road Park and Ride (which I do whenever I don’t need my car during the day).

If anyone else has thoughts about their Bike to Work Day experiences I’d love to hear them.


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