Town Meeting Report

This evening we had our "all-Ward town meeting" at the Community Center.  There were probably fifteen or twenty from Ward 4 that joined our corner of the room at various points during the evening.  I offered an update on the superhighway fight, answered lots of questions, and had some really good conversations with folks about development, noise mitigation, renewable energy, Golden's light rail line, the supertower, and other issues.  I really enjoy these meetings because it gives everyone with questions an easy way to ask them, everyone who shows up gets to learn what their neighbors are thinking and concerned about, and I learn a bunch about what's on everyone's minds.  It is democracy at work in the best sense – neighbors getting together to talk with their elected representatives about their communities.

We structured the event a bit differently this time, inviting everyone to meet on the same night and putting the four wards in each of the four corners of the room.  I think it worked pretty well except for the noise level, which is something we should be able to fix next time.

Thanks to everyone who was able to participate and thanks to the many city staff who organized the event and made themselves available to answer questions.


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