Softballs and Windshields = Trouble

As those of you who live along 10th Street near the softball fields know well, late spring brings softball teams, cheering fans, and broken windshields. I’ve never actually seen a car get hit but some of my neighbors have, and I’ve seen balls land squarely in the street and seen the damaged cars after they’ve been nailed. I’ve been talking with Rod Tarullo, the Parks and Rec. Director, about various options for minimizing the number of balls that escape the fields and damage cars parked on the street. They’ve already taken some useful steps, like scheduling the older players at other fields, and are now exploring various options for reducing the risk even further. At a minimum, I’m aiming for signs on the fence that clearly warn folks of the danger, but it might also make sense to heighten the fence or do something similar to make it that much more unlikely. I’ll keep you posted.


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