The Skinny on Recycling in Golden

Last night at the City Council meeting Chris Naber, the city's Environmental Specialist, did a great job updating everyone on the status of recycling efforts in Golden. Some highlights:

  • We require anyone who wants to offer residential waste disposal service in Golden to provide curbside recycling pickup if asked by the property owner. They don't have to offer it, but if you ask they have to provide it.
  • We have a lot of commercial and industrial recycling in Golden but don't have any way to track the volume because it's all done between individual businesses (or groups of businesses) and the disposal companies. Chris has tried but been unable to get aggregate numbers for Golden but we know the volume is pretty high.
  • There are ten public recycling centers around town, including the two best known sites at the Splash and at the Golden Transcript. The volume of recyclable materials collected at these sites has increased steadily. In 2004, for instance, we collected roughly 150,000-200,000 pounds of materials at the Splash. That number grew to 371,000 pounds in 20054 and we expect it to grow another 20-30% this year. Chris said they would put together a map showing where all ten public bins are. I'll post a link to the map once it's up.
  • The annual cleanup day at the Splash – targeting computer equipment and other electronics among other things – is also a huge success, although I didn't write down the numbers. The household hazardous waste pickup is similarly successful. I can find out if anyone is interested.
  • Chris said they could figure out ways to encourage and facilitate recycling by downtown merchants, perhaps by distributing the map of the public recycling bins to them. Similarly, I've been talking with staff about including an insert in our special event permit applications that provides information about vendors that do event recycling, again in the spirit of encouraging folks to do it and making it as easy for them as possible.

Also, I want to acknowledge and thank Coors and Ball for covering the cost of recycling pickup at the Splashpublic recycling centers. It is a terrific community service.


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