The Toll Road Fight Heats Up (Again)

If you haven’t yet seen the most recent Denver Post articles on toll roads, they are worth checking out. Today's was called "No 2-Way Street". The others so far include "Roads to Riches: Paved With Bad Projections" and "Northwest Parkway: Has Roots in Suspect Mergings". They do a good job of exposing the pattern of financial failure and community impacts of so many toll roads about the country.

Incidentally, you'll find two good posts on the Denver Post stories in Daily Kos and unbossed.

As for our own fight, the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) will soon be making some critical decisions that will have a considerable effect on our fight to protect Golden from the Owens-Norton Billion Dollar Boondoggle. I represent Golden on the Board and have spent lots of energy building relationships with other board members, especially trying to illuminate how so many of us – Douglas County, Aurora, communities on the I-70 mountain corridor – are fighting exactly the same fight: challenging CDOT’s arrogant view that they should be able to build whatever they want wherever they want without regard for actual effects on transportation and the impacts to local communities.

The upcoming Colorado Municipal League conference in late June is an important opportunity to cement these relationships with elected representatives from other communities and ensure that we succeed in our collective fight to force CDOT to consider the needs of local communities in their decisions. I will be there.


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