Golden Wins “Cool Cities” Award

Among the very long list of very cool things we do in Golden you’ll find planting trees. We plant lots of trees, averaging 155 each year over the past four years (according to our City Forester). Trees are great for all the obvious reasons, but they also make an important contribution to diminishing the impacts of global climate change. By capturing and holding carbon, they help reduce the effects of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and this is the connection that Sierra Club is making with their Cool Cities awards. If anyone knows of particularly good discussions of the role of trees and other carbon sinks you might post a reply below with the links.

Golden is such a hotbed of renewable energy research, technology, and economic development, and getting some attention for our tree planting just underscores that much more the opportunity we have to be a regional and national sustainability leader. This stuff is great in part because most of the time it means saving money in addition to reducing our footprint.

Along those lines, we are still trying to make the solar panel proposal for the new city shops work, but regardless they will integrate key technologies and design features that both reduce its environmental impact and save the city (i.e., you) money.

Incidentally, “An Inconvenient Truth” will be opening in Denver (at the Esquire) on June 9. This is Al Gore’s feature film on climate change. I have no idea if it’ll be good but it’s generating quite a bit of buzz.

Adriana Raudzens of the Sierra Club will present the award to City Council at the beginning of our June 8 City Council meeting.


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