Traffic Noise Enforcement Update

Some folks have asked for an update on our relatively new noise enforcement strategy so I asked Chief Kilpatrick to put something together.  As a refresher, the city’s code on noise (with a specific decibel maximum) is difficult to enforce, so we explored alternatives that would be easier to work with and get us the desired result (less noise).  We settled on an approach focusing on illegal mufflers, since most excessively noisy vehicles are so loud because their mufflers are illegally modified.  Our police officers can pull someone over if the vehicle is making too much noise and then write the ticket for the illegal muffler causing the noise, since that’s very easy to enforce (either it has the required components or it doesn’t).

A couple highlights:- Between April 21, 2005 and the end of 2005 we issued 31 muffler/noise violations.  Most of these (20) were written on S. Golden Road.  Eight were issued near the junction of 58 and 6, and the others were scattered around.- Between January 1, 2006 and the present (as of the May 15 memo) we’ve issued twenty additional tickets for muffler violations.  All of these have been the result of a collaborative effort with the Colorado State Patrol to target large trucks.

I assume but will confirm that with the summer coming on they’ll focus more on the areas that get a lot of motorcycle traffic, since illegal motorcycle mufflers seem to be the major cause of the noise problems.


2 Responses to “Traffic Noise Enforcement Update”

  1. Casey Brown Says:

    Hooray for the Golden police! I have definitely noticed a reduction in engine braking noise from the semis barreling south on highway 93. Keep it up!

  2. Win Taylor Says:

    I’m glad that something is finally being done but would certainly appreciate the monitoring of 19th St., especially on the weekends, at ALL HOURS! The motorcycle traffic noise is enough to drive you inside your house and shut all windows and doors, even on a beautiful day!! During the week, the jack-breaking of semis is still terrible. Thanks.

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