Avalanche Damages Golden’s Vidler Pipeline

In the Department of Strange News, an avalanche took out part of the Vidler Pipeline, on which we spent a bunch of money last year repairing and upgrading. We use the pipeline and tunnel to carry water from Peru Creek in Summit County to Clear Creek where the City of Golden can then use it. We didn't expect this because the tunnel is typically buried under the snow and thus protected from avalanches. No such luck this time. The really strange thing is that the slide didn’t actually damage the pipeline at all, it just broke it apart and scattered the pieces, so the repair will mostly consist of putting everything back together. The photos (one from last fall and two new ones) are pretty wild.

finished pipeline.jpgpost-avalance 1.jpgpost-avalance 2.jpg


2 Responses to “Avalanche Damages Golden’s Vidler Pipeline”

  1. Leslie KP Says:


    The photos and graphics you post on the site are great, except that they’re teeny (I know this is not news to you). Is there a way to link to them, or post them at a size where we can really see them?


  2. Jacob Smith Says:

    I’m using WordPress’ free hosting service, which I think is why I can’t make the images any larger than they are. I think I can start posting images like these on a web site but will need just a bit of time to get that set up. It’s a good suggestion – thanks.

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