Community Pride Days This Weekend

This weekend – May 6 and May 7 – is your big chance to dispose of yard waste, old computers or other electronics, household hazardous chemicals, or other hard-to-dispose-of materials. The drop-off sites are open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on both days.

The details:

  • Dispose of rubbish, construction materials, metal, tires, computers, and electronics at the Splash (3151 Illinois St.). Free.
  • Dispose of yard waste at the Community Pride Days site just west of Clear Creek History Park (11th and Maple). You can drop of natural wood, tree limbs, shrubs, and branches (but not construction lumber, roots, dirt, or trash). Free.
  • Dispose of household hazardous chemicals at the Rooney Road Recycling Center (151 S. Rooney Road). This is by appointment only, so call 303-316-6262 for a reservation. There is normally a charge for this service but you’ll get it for free with the coupon on the back of page of this month’s Informer.
  • Dispose of appliances by arranging a curbside pickup. The coupon on the back of this month’s Informer will get you one curbside appliance pickup and disposal for free. Call 303-255-0379 to make arrangements.

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