Ward Two Election

I have generally avoided getting involved in city council races (other than my own, of course) since I first ran and now serve on the council. I will end up serving with whoever is elected, and it doesn’t seem like a good idea to endorse folks for other seats when you might end up working with the person you opposed. 

Nonetheless, I’m a little disappointed that Marian Olson’s special election issue of her political newsletter once again misrepresents the truth to further her political ambitions, and think it’s worth addressing her latest claim about me.  Folks begin to believe lies when they are repeated often enough and I might as well address this head on.

Contrary to Ms. Olson’s assertion, I have no plans to run for higher office, nor have I ever had such plans, nor have I ever told anyone I had such plans.  I’m open to running for something else someday but have no idea if I ever will, nor – if I ever choose to run – what I would run for or when.

I ran for city council because I care deeply about this community and have made it my home, because I believed (and still believe) I can do a good job of representing the diverse views that make up our community, and because I wanted to contribute to making sure we protect our open space, carefully manage our growth, maintain a healthy economy, foster a thriving arts community, and keep local government open and transparent.
The thing I find most disappointing is that her newsletter could be a genuine and important contribution to Golden’s political conversation.  She and her contributors sometimes raise some legitimate questions and concerns.  But because they are usually so buried in mischaracterizations and lies they lack credibility and instead foster acrimonious and misinformed political debate.

I am hopeful that regardless of who wins the election on Tuesday we can work together to craft a shared City Council vision and then get on with the business of guiding Golden’s future.


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