8th and 9th St. Neighborhood Planning

At tomorrow night’s regular Planning Commission study session, the PC will devote the entire agenda to neighborhood planning for the 8th and 9th St. areas. The primary purpose, as I understand it, is to discuss and explore neighborhood preferences regarding infill, redevelopment, and density.

I believe the meeting will include some of the following:

  1. An interactive photo preference survey for residents to provide input on density, architectural standards, and possible capital improvements;
  2. Brochures describing possible code amendments regarding infill;
  3. Information on recent decisions regarding proposed development;
  4. Information regarding plans for the future expansion of the Community Center;
  5. Handouts on the current efforts underway for the downtown plan and architectural standards; and
  6. Code enforcement representatives from the Police department to answer questions.

If you live in the 8th and 9th Street Neighborhood I encourage you to spread the word among your neighbors. I know we've seen a number of unpopular projects approved in the neighborhood and this is perhaps the best opportunity to shape what sort of development occurs in the future. The problem from the City Council perspective, at least my own Council perspective, is that we are required to consider any particular project proposal in terms of the existing zoning, Comprehensive Plan, and other city code. We are legally prohibited from turning down projects simply because they are unpopular or undesirable. We can only reject a project if it is clearly inconsistent with the zoning, the Comp Plan, or other parts of the code. Through this neighborhood process we have the opportunity to adjust the zoning and/or Comp Plan in a way that better defines the sorts of projects, density, and character we all want to see. This meeting, by the way, is in response to requests by neighborhood residents, and I offer my appreciation to the Planning Commission for taking the time and especially the neighborhood for pushing the city to think about these neighborhood planning issues.

The official Planning Commission Agenda is available online.


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