Golden Moves To Protect Lookout Mtn. Open Space

Today's Denver Post reports on Golden taking another step towards acquiring the proposed HDTV tower. In a perfect world we wouldn't pick fights with adversaries that have pockets as deep as Lake Cedar Group's, nor would we pick fights with adversaries that control the media (or, as in Lake Cedar Group's case, actually are the major television broadcasters).  Despite their nasty and deceptive tv ad campaign and their strange comments in newspaper articles like these (contrary to what they said in today's paper, Lake Cedar Group has made clear they have no interest in negotiating), the facts are on our side and a large majority of folks in Golden want to protect this unprotected part of our greenbelt as open space.  Lake Cedar Group can build their tower on an alternate site that's actually zoned for towers (this one isn't), that does provide for solid HDTV coverage (KBDI is currently broadcasting HDTV from one good alternate site), and won't result in problems with shadows if they use low-power repeater stations (a problem they currently deal with on their current Lookout Mountain antennas).


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