Bible Flats

A few folks have asked me where the name Bible Flats – the neighborhood north of Highway 58 and west of Washington – came from. Of course I sent an email to Rick Gardner right quick. Rick reports that although the origin of the moniker isn’t entirely clear, he thinks it may have earned the name because that area was the flats below the Swedish Lutheran Church. Located at the southeast corner of 5th and Washington until it was torn down in 1933, this was the first Lutheran chapel in Colorado.

Rick points out further that Bible Flats has its own collection of landmarks, including (in Rick’s words):

“the Prout homes at the northwest corner of 6th and Arapahoe (built by the manager of the North White Ash Coal Mine), the cement block home across the street, the Townsend Mansion, the Straight house (built by a man for his bride, who changed her mind, causing him to commit suicide), and more. The oldest home, dating to 1866, is actually a transplant from downtown that Dr. Dean W. King built where the post office stands now. All the streets of Bible Flats originally had different names, except for Illinois. Arapahoe and Cheyenne were Russell and Camp streets, while 2nd through 6th were Main, Park, Golden, Gregory and Fayette streets.”


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